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Case Studies

Case Study: Network Engineering  

Business Objective: Attain financial goals by increasing the number of new clients
Services Provided: Leadership Development: One-on-one coaching and Live 360° reviews

Bill, the CEO of a thriving small network engineering company, had a financial goal which included increasing the number of clients.  The goal was not being met and Bill realized that some internal changes needed to occur to attain the necessary business results.  Bill reached out to Payonk Consulting, LLC to hurdle the internal challenges and accomplish the financial goal.

Over the course of several months Bill met with the Payonk Consulting executive coach for one-on-one sessions. The coaching sessions were tailored to what Bill needed and wanted for himself, his team and the company.  Bill realized that he needed to work on several key areas to attain the financial goals.  The areas were leadership development and business development.  Bill realized that the best plans can be laid but if his leadership skills did not improve the business results would not be attained.

Results were seen quickly because Bill embraced the responsibility to do what was necessary to get results.  Bill started to see how his changed leadership skills positively impacted his team and client relations. The trust and communication improved and Bill was being recognized as the leader he was.

Bill was very pleased with the results of business development.  He had set goals, a business plan to attain them and attained the skill set to manage growth and development. The financial results exceeded by 5 fold when the business brought on several new clients.  What Bill developed and was most proud of was his improved leadership skills and respect from his employees.

Case Study: Fitness Industry 

Business Objective: To expand the business operation
Services Provided: Leadership Development: One-on-one coaching, Live 360° reviews & Feed forward implementation 

Dan, the President of a company that owns several successful Fitness centers, is an accomplished visionary. His goal was to expand the business portfolio by purchasing additional fitness that were financially struggling in an attempt to turn them around.  His challenge was focusing his vision in a way to best execute the strategy.

Dan sought out Payonk Consulting to team up with an Executive Coach.  He recognized that he was in a difficult situation and, in order to attain the desired business results, he needed and an objective perspective. One-on-one coaching provided Dan with the confidential non-biased feedback that he was looking for.  

One of Dan’s many strengths and success in business is his visionary ability.  However, it now started to hinder his momentum to move forward. Through coaching and live 360° reviews Dan acknowledged that he needed to enhance his leadership skills and focus on the immediate business.  Dan took a challenging step by relinquishing some of the daily business duties and delegated them to his leadership team.  This resulted in Dan’s improved ability to strategize and prioritize the business expansion.  He was out of his “rut”!

The combination of Dan’s visionary ability and willingness to embrace coaching resulted in improved employee relations and appropriate business expansion. The result was the purchase of fitness centers and increased streams of revenue.

Case Study: Software Company

Business Objective: Improve employee relations and meet product development goals.
Services Provided: Leadership development and Team Development: One-on-one coaching, Team workshops, Live 360° Reviews and Feed Forward implementation.

This medium sized Software Company was in a place of growth and transition.  The Vice President of Sales and Marketing had issues arising within his team.  Jason, the VP, led his team for several years and was having difficulty understanding why such a cohesive team was not meeting their deadlines. Jason reached out to Payonk Consulting, LLC to help the team over their hurdle of team relations and goal attainment.

After confidential meetings with Jason and the individual team members, they shared their concerns with their Payonk Consulting Executive Coach.  What unfolded was an insightful dynamic.  Jason had not been giving his team clear direction or a set of expectations about the project with measurable goals.  The team respected Jason, but the lack of communication from him created uncertainty.  As a result, members of the team were apprehensive to approach him.  They did not want to seem confrontational or inept.  This led to disagreement among the team and assumptions about what was to be accomplished.

After one-on-one coaching sessions with Jason, he took ownership of his actions. He acknowledged the affect his communication style was having and wanted to improve his leadership style.

Jason wanted to transform the culture of his team. To bring his team together, an interactive workshop on leadership and Emotional Intelligence was implemented. This resulted in the team members having the tools to communicate with Jason and each other.  Through one-one-one coaching, Jason enhanced his leadership skill set and his business goals were attained.

Over the course of several months Jason and his team went through a transition.  They learned how to better communicate with each other.  Jason was clear in his messaging and expectations of the team goals which helped improve employee relations. The team transformed into a cohesive group that submitted projects on time. This resulted in a positive financial impact for the company.  They were able to meet their customer demands and grow as needed.

The business results were attained and the product line expanded from 2 items to 4 items. This result was an increase in product line profitability.

Case Study: Beverage Company

Business Objective: Improve product line profitability
Services Provided: Leadership Development: One-on-one coaching, live team coaching and Live 360° Reviews

Michael, the VP of sales and marketing in a small beverage company, needed to increase the number of products evaluated for entry into the market place.  The main obstacle was his direct report Lynn, the director of product development, whom Michael had recently hired.  

The challenge occurred when Lynn attended a meeting of executive team members.  Lynn adamantly interjected that her vision for future products was the only appropriate course of action.  Her interaction had a negative impact; it cut off communication during the meeting, therefore limiting the number of products being evaluated.  This in turn limited product line profitability. Tension developed between the executive team and Michael.  He realized the value in what she brought to the company, but the leaders of the company were questioning his decision to hire Lynn. Lynn was great at leading her own team but not a team player.  Michael recognized her strengths but the situation needed to change.  

The catalyst to bringing in Payonk Consulting, LLC was an employee review that Michael had with Lynn.  He respected her ability to lead her team.  However, she did not seem to understand why he was criticizing her and became defensive.

An Executive coach met with Michael to understand the landscape of the business and to clarify goals and objectives with a coach.  During the first meeting, Michael realized that he needed to have a more open communication with Lynn.  Michael and Lynn both agreed to one-on-one coaching plus live interactive coaching. Live interactive coaching is when the coach attends meetings with the parties involved and helps to facilitate the discussion for clearer communications. This is an effective approach because the needs and wants of both parties and the business goals are addresses in a productive manner.

Over the course of several months Michael improved his leadership skills and was better able to coach Lynn.  This was evident by her interaction at an executive meeting. Lynn was becoming a team player and added to discussions instead of shutting them down. Trust was building with the executive team and Lynn was being recognized as a valuable team member.

Case Study: Editing Company

Business Objective: Business development through transitional times.
Services Provided:
Leadership development: One-on-one coaching

Sandy, the principal in a small editing company, faced the challenge of growing her company during a transitional time.  Jeanne’s major concern about working with an outside consultant was that specific needs of her business would not be understood. However, Sandy reluctantly reached out to Payonk Consulting, LLC in an effort to smooth the company’s transition.  

After the first meeting, Sandy’s concerns that a coach was there to tell her how to run her business did not materialize.  Instead, she realized that the coach would provide insights on how to augment the business by honing her leadership skills and developing an action plan for success.

An executive coach worked with Sandy for several months. During this time, she embraced the concept of one-on-one coaching.   This concept enhanced her leadership skills, enabling her to stay on track to achieve her business goals.

The resultant change to her management style became obvious to her business community. Her colleagues acknowledged her improved communication which positively translated into business results; deadlines were being met and the client base expanded.  A direct increase in profitability was realized.
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